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Supplier of apricot kernels

APRICOT KERNELS can be ordered from:

Westhaven, Hurtmore Road, Hurtmore, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RA
UK Tel: 01483 418258 (Suzette van der Westhuizen)
Fax: 01483 420513

Cost June 2011: £12 for 500gm + p&p (e.g. £3.50 in UK, £5.50 to Europe).

Dayspring will grind the kernels for you for £2 extra.

NB Not all kernels sold on the health food market contain the bitter marzipan taste that characterises the most health effective kernels.


VITAMIN B17/LAETRILE/AMYGDALIN can be ordered from the manufacturers:

Cyto Pharma de Mexico
International tel: + 52 664 630 5954
From USA: 619 955 7978 or order on-line at

Omega Supplies sells laetrile made by Cyto Pharma
International tel: + 52 664 639 1720
From USA: 619 819 8770 or order on-line at or email

Other suppliers of apricot kernels and/or laetrile are:

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